The Strangers We Know

The Strangers We Know

Written by:
Pip Drysdale
Narrated by:
Stephanie Racine

Unabridged Audiobook

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Release Date
December 2019
10 hours 29 minutes
From the bestselling author of THE SUNDAY GIRL.
When Charlie sees a man who is the spitting image of her husband Oliver on a dating app, her heart stops. Her first desperate instinct is to tell herself she must be mistaken – after all, she only caught a glimpse from a distance as her friends laughingly swiped through the men on offer. But no matter how much she tries to push her fears aside, she can't let it go. Because she took that photo. On their honeymoon. So Charlie signs up to the app to catch Oliver in the act. But she soon discovers that infidelity is the least of her problems. Nothing is as it seems and nobody is who she thinks they are…

Praise for The Sunday Girl: 'The Girls Club of psychological thrillers has a worthy new member.' HERALD SUN
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Blondelle O\\\'Garro

A decent listen overall but the main character grated a bit.

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Patricia Baker

Main character got annoying at times, drags a little. Okay listen, not the worst I have had.

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