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Strategic Learning Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Learn Like Einstein and Master Student

Narrated by:
Marcus Mulenga

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
0 hours 32 minutes
Strategic Learning Bundle, 2 IN 1 Bundle: Learn Like Einstein and Master Student

Students have relatively carefree lives with not much to worry about except to pass the exams and get good grades. However, a lot of students still find it difficult to survive because they can’t handle the stress and they have not learned good time management skills. As a student, it is important that students learn the basics of time management. Stress at school is also inevitable and part of life. A student’s success can be measured on how he or she is going to respond to the many different pressures that will come their way as their learning in school progresses.

This bundle will teach students how they can properly manage their time so they can stay on top of their work and increase their productivity. They will also learn useful tips on how to manage the stress so they don’t get overwhelmed. When they have time management and stress management handled, they will have a much better time at school. This bundle will also discuss Express Learning which is a process of learning through music, visuals, writing, and workshops, and so on. Express Learning courses help students to adapt, and to develop inborn skills, such as creativity, logic thinking, etc

This 2 in 1 bundle will include the following audiobooks:

1. Learn Like Einstein: The Ultimate Guide on Express Learning, Discover Learning Strategies That Would Help Unleash Your Inner Genius

2. Master Student: The Ultimate Guide on How to Manage Stress as a Student, Discover Techniques and Strategies on How to Ease Your Load and Enjoy Your Time at School

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