Streets of Staccato, Episode Two: "Vice Grip"

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Waterlogg Productions

Date: April 2012

Duration: 1 hours 12 minutes


In the second episode of Victor Gates's hilariously naughty ""70's cop show with a modern sense of humor,"" Chief Kilvinski gives Staccato a new assignment saving a wayward woman from porn magnate Huge Heffer. Staccato decides to fight fire with fire with.... naked turnip juggling? Credits-
Sgt. Staccato - Elie Hirschman
Officer Chuck - Victor Gates
Sgt. Berk - David Sobkowiak
Chief Kilvinski - W. Ralph Walters
Sleazy P.I.- Chris Barnes
Hippy Guy - K.C. Locke
Hippy Girl - Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
Bob Wolfenbridgen - Bill Hollweg
Marlea Ledford - Mindy Rast
Huge G. Heffer - Joe Bevilacqua
Mrs. Strapony - Gwendolyn Jensen Woodard
Dorothy Strapon - Mindy Rast
S+M Slave - Jake Barrett
Mobster - K.C. Locke
Sexy Announcer - Scott Wentworth
Officer Ted - W. Ralph Walters
Officer Zombie - Scott Wentworth
Mayor Zimmer - Victor Gates
Paul - Elie Hirschman
the driver - Chris Barnes
Peter Bogdownabitch - Victor Gates
Narrator - W. Ralph Walters
Written by Victor Gates with Elie Hirschman
Additional dialogue by Mindy Rast and K.C. Locke
Theme music mixed by W. Ralph Walters
Produced & Directed by Victor Gates
Distributed by Waterlogg Productions

Staccato's Police Blotter #3: Interview with Mindy Rast
Staccato's Police Blotter #4: Interview with K.C. Locke


Streets of Staccato, Episode Two: "Vice Grip"

by W. Ralph Walters, Victor Gates

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Streets of Staccato, Episode Two: