Succeeding with Senior Management: Getting the Right Support at the Right Time for Your Project

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: August 2017

Duration: 5 hours 44 minutes


They're every project manager's dream assignments-the ones that offer you chances to work directly with senior executives. These opportunities can be launchpads for career success-or lead to misfires that can set you back. It all depends on how well you "speak executive.'

Fluency in the motivations and methods of the C-suite is an essential skill for PMs on the rise, but it's not a natural one. Succeeding with Senior Management is the first and only book out there to correct this critical skill gap.

Project managers are innately task-focused and detail-oriented. In contrast, executives are more focused on overall business goals and often impatient with minutia. That mental divide often leads to miscommunication that alienates executives and sabotages projects. That miscommunication is a deal-breaker when you get to the high visibility projects where you simply can't succeed without engaging the support of senior management.

Understanding the environment that senior executives live in often explains their impatience for dwelling on the details, but it is just the beginning of the powerful lessons you'll learn inside. Project managers who master the tools presented in this book can leverage relationships with sponsors and project champions to become real heroes within their organization by moving senior management to action.

Succeeding with Senior Management uses stories from projects at Fortune 500 companies to bring essential lessons to life. This one-of-a-kind book presents game-changing principles and practical steps that every project manager and middle manager will find invaluable. You'll learn to:

Think like an executive
• Prepare the leadership for success
• Build relationships and trust
• Master executive-effective communication
• Use executives' deputies effectively
• Overcome cross-functional issues
• Navigate political waters
• Engage senior managers on multi-national projects
• Handle initiatives that compete with your project
• And more

Master the art of managing up and take your career to new heights.

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