Sucker for A Siren

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
7 hours 18 minutes
Neri wants a new home, a good book, and a freshly baked bear claw. She does not want a shifter getting sassy with her because she saved his life.

Seamus MacNamara may be a mythical creature, but that doesn't mean he has to believe all those legends about selkies and finding their fated mates. Specifically, that his mate will rescue him. Problem is, the barista Seamus has tried his hardest to flirt with ends up rescuing him from a potentially embarrassing death.

What would a siren want with a selkie, anyway?

Neri Onassis may have thought Seamus was cute at first, but when he freaks out after her acting the badass hero, her tiny crush evaporates. Good thing, because she needs to put all her brain power toward figuring out her new life in Folk Haven, the mythic-filled town next to Lake Galen. An ungrateful selkie is only a distraction.

But the two continue to cross paths, and Seamus finds himself giving in to the call of the siren's intelligence and humor. After a passionate encounter, the selkie wonders if the gods had the pairing right all along. But Seamus can't rely on fate when Neri refuses to even consider mating the man who ran from her in the first place.

Contains mature themes.
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