Sucker Punch

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
18 hours 26 minutes
A brutal murder, a suspect in jail, and an execution planned—but what if the wrong person is about to be killed? 

When a fellow U.S. Marshal asks Anita Blake to fly to a tiny community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on an emergency consult, she knows time is running short. When she arrives, there is plenty of proof that a young wereleopard killed his uncle in the most gruesome and bloody way possible. As the mounting evidence points to him, a warrant of execution is already under way.

But something seems off about the murder, and Anita has been asked for her expert opinion on the crime scene. Despite escalating pressure from local cops and the family’s cries for justice for their dead patriarch, Anita quickly realizes that the evidence doesn’t quite add up.

Time is against Anita, as the tight-knit community is up in arms and its fear of supernaturals is growing. She races to uncover the truth and determine whether the Marshals have caught the killer or are about to execute an innocent man—all in the name of justice.
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Dawn S.

I waited two years for this book. I'm 20 chapters in and all it's been about so far is over explaining a warrant. I just can't believe it. please MS Hamilton, let's have a redo. I've never had to write a bad review. I never thought it would be on one of your books.

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Dave B

So glad to get another Anita Blake book!! I’m always looking for the next title to drop. Kimberly Alexis is an amazing narrator! A bit bummed we didn’t get a rival master vampire group and or a new ware animal or ancient creature type. We didn’t get any kinky stuff. Most of these books have Anita gaining power. We need to give Anita ware bear! Not my favorite title in the series. Kimberly Alexis needs a raise! Any authors out there reading this ... give her a shot! Wow

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