Written by:
Toni Morrison
Narrated by:
Toni Morrison

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2007
5 hours 47 minutes
Sula and Nel are born in the Bottom—a small town at the top of a hill. Sula is wild, and daring; she does what she wants, while Nel is well-mannered, a mamma’s girl with a questioning heart. Growing up they forge a bond stronger than anything, stronger even than the dark secret they have to bear. Strong enough, it seems, to last a lifetime—until, decades later, as the girls become women, Sula’s anarchy leads to a betrayal that may be beyond forgiveness. 

One of The Atlantic’s Great American Novels of the Past 100 Years

Masterful, richly textured, bittersweet, and vital, Sula is a modern masterpiece about love and kinship, about living in an America birthed from slavery. Nobel Prize laureate Toni Morrison gives life to characters who struggle with what society tells them to be, and the love they long for and crave as Black women. Most of all, they ask: When can we let go? What must we hold back? And just how much can be shared in a friendship?
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Desh D.

Extremely hard to hear

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I thought it was a good book and I enjoyed Toni Morrison narrating her own work (loved listening to Paradise, for example). However, there are innumerable points throughout the audiobook where the audio just goes to a whisper even at maximum volume which made it very difficult to focus on. Especially since I typically listen as a commuter.

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Kaeli K.

I love her voice reading her own work in the way she wants it read. Wondeful audiobook

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Karen B.

A brilliant examination of what happens to a society and the individuals in it when they are cut off from the larger, white society and persecuted by it, including being cut off from resources. But painful to read. Can't say I really enjoyed it, but I'm glad I read the book for its insights. Morrison speaks just above a whisper and sometimes drops her words at the end of a sentence. So, I had to be in a quiet place to listen and turn the volume up high.

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Michael T

One of my all time favorites.

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