Sunshine Hill: Thomas and the next door neighbour

Written by:
Elliott Frisby
Narrated by:
Elliott Frisby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 12 minutes
Thomas and the next door neighbour is the second book in the enchanting and heartwarming series Sunshine Hill.
Thomas is very sad to hear that his best friend Bruno is leaving Sunshine Hill and finds it difficult to make friends with his new neighbours when he discovers that they are not in fact rabbits! Thomas needs to learn that though everyone on Sunshine Hill looks different, inside they are all the same and everyone experiences emotions and have feelings. Will Thomas be able to put his differences aside and make a new friend?
About Sunshine Hill
Sunshine Hill is a delightful series of children’s audiobooks with a full orchestral arrangement. Each audiobook tells a short story about the animals living on Sunshine Hill and the adventures they share. Every Sunshine Hill story has a moral for little ones to learn and is perfect for bedtime listening, car journeys and quiet time.
Sunshine Hill is written and narrated by the author Elliott Frisby and the music is created by composer Andrew Stamp from Monkeynut Sound. Elliott Frisby was inspired to write Sunshine Hill in 2007 when performing to audiences across the UK. Back then, Sunshine Hill consisted of one long story interspersed by a selection of poems. It wasn't until 2018 when his five-year-old daughter and two-year-old son inspired him to dig out his old stories and turn Sunshine Hill into a series of short audiobooks, perfect for young ears and family listening. He is now enjoying reading these stories to his own children.
Elliott, a professional singer, songwriter, and producer wanted to share his love for music transporting the listener on an enchanted journey and teamed up with colleague and good friend Andrew Stamp who created the magical scores that you will enjoy whilst listening to Sunshine Hill.
Come and meet the mischievous Thomas Rabbit, Cyril the shifty squirrel, dear old waddling Mrs Duck and all the other delightful animals in the enchanting and heartwarming, Sunshine Hill.
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