Super Sick: Making Peace with Chronic Illness

Written by:
Allison Alexander
Narrated by:
Kas Nixon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
5 hours 22 minutes
Superheroes aren't sick. They don't lie in bed all day because they're in too much pain to get up. They don't face the challenges of the chronically ill, which include socially inappropriate topics like mental illness, sex, and diarrhea. The latter, of course, would be exponentially worse in a spandex suit. Allison Alexander, who has struggled with a chronic illness since she was a child, wants to see herself in her heroes and searches for examples of sick characters in pop culture and fiction. She weaves her own painful experiences with stories from other chronic sufferers, engaging with how society values healthiness, how doctors don’t always have answers, and how faith, friendship, and romance add pressure to already complicated situations.
'Unlike most books on the topic, SUPER SICK left me feeling inspired, empowered, and confident that I have much to share with the world, even if I’m not your typical superhero.'
—Kira Lynne, Professional Counsellor, Psychotherapist, author of ACHES, PAIN, AND LOVE
'Nothing is off the table in this book and I admired Allison's frankness and honesty about her condition, involving both bladder and bowel, and her journey through dealing with judgement, finding love, managing work, and balancing illness with sexual desires. I highly recommend this refreshing, original and immensely helpful read!'
—Joy. H. Selak, author of YOU DON'T LOOK SICK!
'Warm and down to earth, SUPER SICK offers real talk about the ordinary heroism of living with a chronic illness—from dating to navigating a medical system that often dismisses women's pain. It is a window into the difficulties of being sick in a culture that valourizes health and a much-needed challenge to that culture.'
—Maya Dusenbery, author of DOING HARM
'More than anything, this book is about courage—the courage to face your fears about your health and the courage to keep fighting for your dignity.'
—Toni Bernhard, author of HOW TO BE SICK
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