Sway: The Irresistible Pull of Irrational Behavior

Written by:
Ori Brafman
Narrated by:
John Apicella

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2008
4 hours 54 minutes
Like the bestsellers Blink and Freakonomics, this lively narrative is a fresh view of the world, explaining the previously inexplicable and revealing hidden influences on human decision-making.

A Harvard Business School student pays over $200 for a $20 bill. Washington, DC, commuters ignore a free subway concert by a violin prodigy. A veteran airline pilot attempts to take off without control tower clearance and collides with another plane on the runway. Why do we do the wildly irrational things we sometimes do?

Drawing on cutting-edge research from the fields of social psychology, behavioral economics, and organizational behavior, brothers Ori and Rom Brafman reveal the dynamic forces that act on us repeatedly over time, affecting nearly every aspect of our personal and business lives. They show how we are sabotaged by loss aversion (going to great lengths to avoid perceived losses), the diagnosis bias (ignoring evidence that contradicts our initial take on a person or situation), and commitment (even when a plan isn't working, we are reluctant to change course).

Weaving together colorful stories-about dot-com millionaires, game show audiences, NBA coaches, and the US Supreme Court-Sway tours the flip side of reason and points us toward a more rational life.
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Andrew Ost

This book is an amazing novel! I had to read it for a summer assignment assigned by my high school to whoever is going to take Pre-AP English 2 the following year. I have heard mixed reviews about it but I love it so much!!! It really open my eyes on the kind of sections I make with out even thinking about it! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn how humans make sections and the effects on labeling people! There are some interesting facts and story's in the book to keep you into it as well! just keep in mind, I'm 15 years old and I enjoyed it! You will too!

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