The System Apocalypse Books 1-3: The Post-Apocalyptic LitRPG Fantasy Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
27 hours 15 minutes
The end of the world with dragons and Levels

The world ends in a slew of blue notification boxes, bringing with it a game-like existence including monsters and Classes. Now, John has to make his way from Kluane National Park in the Yukon to Whitehorse through monster infested forests. But, that's not enough; because he'll need to help rebuild civilization itself around the System, aliens and monsters. And, as always, humanity will be its own greatest enemy.

This collection contains the first three books of the highly rated System Apocalypse series (Life in the North, Redeemer of the Dead and the Cost of Survival) and completes the first arc - Whitehorse and the Yukon and the first year of the apocalypse.

The System Apocalypse contains elements of games like level ups, experience, enchanted materials, a sarcastic spirit, mecha, a beguiling dark elf, monsters, minotaurs, a fiery red head and a semi-realistic view on violence and its effects. Does not include harems.
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Dougal S

I won't be continuing with this story. The first of the 3 was the worst of the books, and they generally got a bit better, but I just couldn't get past disliking the main character. He was just always angry and and the narrator heightened the anger in every way possible. It seemed like even when he wasn't angry, the narrator's enunciation made it seem like he was. It's an interesting take on the isekai/literary RPG genre, though in that it's more sci-fi leaning. The misogyny ruined it a bit as well, though.

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PatRicia Larkin

great story amazing narrator would listen again and again and will listen to the next one if it's released

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