Taboo: Passionate Pippa: And 18 Year-Old Vicky Came too

Taboo: Passionate Pippa: And 18 Year-Old Vicky Came too

Written by:
Jim Masters
Narrated by:
Jim Masters
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
0 hours 53 minutes
My name is Dave Perkins and the following happened over a hot, lazy sun-filled, blue sky summer. It was nearly five years ago but I remember every moment as if it was yesterday. Sometimes I think it must have been an erotic dream but then I look at the photo on my desk of Pippa, Vicky and me and know it was no dream.

The bell rang and I went to answer the door. Pippa stood there, the sun making her blonde hair, golden as it shone down from the clear blue sky. Pippa was 32 years old and had been working with me on my new project. I was setting up a video business, making small adverts and selling them on the internet. I’d been doing this part-time for a year and it was really successful. Pippa had started as a model for me and learned editing so that she could produce the work.

“Come in, Pippa” I said, and she entered. I closed the door and she went straight though and out into the garden. I followed her.

We had a working relationship until one day she came on hard to me. That was just the beginning. When her 18-year-old step niece arrived things hotted up and I didn't expect the stream of events that followed. Hot and steam so if you are under 18 years or might be offended by graphic sexual descritions then do not listen to this book.
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