Take It Back: Our Party, Our Country, Our Future

Written by:
Paul Begala , James Carville
Narrated by:
Paul Begala

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2006
6 hours 4 minutes

10. They're so incompetent they couldn't pour pee out of a boot if you wrote the instructions on the heel.

9. They lie like a rug. They lie like a dog. They lie like . . . ummm . . . a dog's rug. We mean, they just lie all the time.

8. They're a pack of crooks.

7. They are unbearably sanctimonious.

6. They have no sense of humor.

5. They're losing the war on terror.

4. They've put our economic future in Beijing's hands.

3. They steal elections.

2. Oh, yeah. They're destroying the planet, too.

1. They suck up to power.
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Mandi Chestler

Take It Back charts the way back to a better future for democracy and America. Carville and Begala give practical, can-do advice on how the Democratic Party can actually win elections and get our country back on track. They present their case with wisdom, moderation and humor. The result is a book well worth the listen.

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Michael Scott

Paul Begala and James "Ragin' Cajun" Carville are both Democratic political commentators, who have served as co-host on shows such as CNN's "The Situation Room", CNN's Crossfire, and MSNBC's "Equal Time". In addition, they were both political strategests for the Clinton Whitehouse. In this book, they have come up with some provacative details on how to wrestle control of the Federal Government back from the Neocons, and help make government again serve the people, and not corporations and the special interests. The accomplish this with many common-sense ideas that anyone can grasp. And they entertain the reader while doing it. It's definitely the best book I've read this year, and will be watching out for both authors in the future.

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This is a great book not because it points out what's wrong with politics as usual, there are many of those, but because Carville and Begala actually take the time to make suggestions on how to FIX what's wrong. It obviously has a leftist slant, but they do not spare the rod for anyone, including current Democratic leaders. Worth the time, especially the part on taxes. Find out what you thought you knew...

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