Take Your Pleasure Where You Find It

Written by:
J. D. Mason
Narrated by:
Erica Peeples

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2010
10 hours 35 minutes
Thirty years ago, three high school friends were closer than sisters, but a dark, emotional secret tore them apart.Now, back together at their high school reunion, each of them is haunted, tormented by the fact that her greatest fear may come to light.

Renetta 'the Fat Girl' Jones' childhood had been anything but happy. After her mother walked out on them, Renetta was left to live with an unsympathetic father and her own insecurities.She fell for the first man to come along after high school and spent years in an abusive marriage with a man named Vincent, who used her secret to control and punish her. That is, until he suffered an untimely stroke—under questionable circumstances.

Phyllis 'the Class President' Neville sacrificed everything for her career, including her marriage to a man she'll love forever and a positive relationship with her adult daughter. But when she is passed over for the promotion of a lifetime, it's just the first thing to go wrong in her once perfect life as the past rears its ugly head.

Freddie 'the Cheerleader' Palmer is bored by the routine that her life has become.Married for thirty years, she and her husband have become empty-nesters, and Freddie is anxious to start the next phase of her life.After meeting successful author Bianca Hightower at a local bookstore signing, Freddie decides to take her passion for reading to the next level and signs up for writing classes being taught by her new author friend.But Bianca sees potential in Freddie that transcends simply writing and introduces her to the kind of experiences a woman like Freddie never even knew existed. But when the past catches up to her, she has one more dark secret she's not sure she'll be able to keep.

Tasha Darden has lived her life in foster care, and she has finally gathered up the courage to try to find her birth mother. One of the three women holds the answers she seeks, and she will stop at nothing until she gets them.

Funny, sexy, tender, and raunchy,Take Your Pleasure Where You Find Itis a J. D. Mason novel take that is not to be missed.
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Wow this is the second book I am listening to by this author and they are good books but the narrator kills it for me on this one. She literally sLows down at the inapropriate times.pauses at the wrong time. Doesnt complete the sentences in one breath.

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Yoli Baines

Awful ending especially after the narrative from the author in the beginning of the book. The worst person never gets their's, such is life I could have watched the evening news

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