The Tale of Two Bad Mice

Written by:
Beatrix Potter
Narrated by:
Joan Walker

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2018
0 hours 7 minutes
In The Tale of Two Bad Mice, two mice, upset at learning the food in a dollhouse is fake, go on a vandalism spree. When the little girl who owns the dollhouse sees the destruction, she puts a policeman doll outside the doll house to prevent any more vandalism. To make up for their nefarious deeds, the two mice put a crooked sixpence in the doll's stocking on Christmas Eve and tidy up the house with a dust-pan and broom. The fifth of Beatrix Potter's 22 charmingly illustrated tales of animals in amusing situations, The Tale of Two Bad Mice has delighted children since its release in 1904.
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