A Taste for Red

Written by:
Lewis Harris
Narrated by:
Jaclyn Gaines

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2009
4 hours 14 minutes
Do you prefer the taste of red foods?
Do you sleep under your bed?
Do you read people’s thoughts?
Do you think you’re a vampire?

Svetlana Grimm does. And it’s making her transition to sixth grade at Sunny Hill Middle School even more difficult. Things get interesting, though, when Svetlana’s beautiful science teacher, Ms. Larch, begins reading her thoughts. Could Ms. Larch be a vampire, too?

But the thrill of finding another of her kind quickly vanishes when strange “accidents” start happening. Svetlana is always the intended victim, and her teacher is always nearby. So if she and Ms. Larch aren’t allies, then that means . . . Sunny Hill Middle School is about to become a very dangerous place for Svetlana Grimm.
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