Team Relationship Management: The Science of Inspiring Trust & Peak Performance

Team Relationship Management: The Science of Inspiring Trust & Peak Performance

Written by:
Dr. Jeb S. Hurley
Narrated by:
Colin Key
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
2 hours 51 minutes
Inspiring Trust and Peak Performance

Even in the hardest of times, business goes on and the demand for innovative solutions requires the collaboration of the best minds across networks of teams. Many of these teams are now working remotely, compounding the complexity and frustrations that come with the stress of uncertainty and change. Most leaders work hard to inspire their teams to peak performance; yet, too often, friction is high and trust is low, resulting in unnecessary stress and disappointing performance.

But there are the stellar exceptions, teams that consistently deliver exceptional performance. What makes them different?

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Jeb Hurley has held GM, VP, and CEO roles at companies ranging from Fortune 100 to startups. While doing his doctoral research, he spent five years walking together with today’s team leaders experiencing what was and wasn’t working on the front lines. Team Relationship Management looks at team leadership and superior team performance through the lens of behavioral science, focusing on the behaviors that inspire trust and peak performance on teams.

In five parts, you’ll journey from the rise of team-based organizations in the 20th century to discovering the three behaviors the best team leaders employ that deliver greater inclusion, higher engagement, and superior performance:

- Laying a foundation of core values and norms that bring out the best in people.
- Inspiring individual motivation through understanding people’s core psychological needs
- Managing team relationships in a manner that creates and sustains trust

This book is a practical guide for a new generation of conscious leaders. If you are as passionate about people’s well-being at work as you are about their performance, and understand the connection between the two, this book is for you.
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