Tell Me Another Story: Poems of You and Me

Written by:
Emmy Marucci
Narrated by:
Emmy Marucci

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
1 hour 33 minutes
In Tell Me Another Story, Marucci examines those closest to her—her grandfather, nephew, and husband—as well as those she hardly knows—the women sitting at the next table in the diner; the roofer she meets on the train. Part 1: Me, is comprised of Emmy's own story—raw and personal—while Part 2: You tells the stories of others. With genuine curiosity and tenderness, Marucci asks of herself, her loved ones, and perfect strangers the child's perennial question: "Will you tell me a story?" 

Music by Nick Ceglia.

Audio edition contains author commentary as well as soundscapes and music composed and performed by the author’s husband.
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