Tempted by Trouble

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Eric Jerome Dickey

Narrated By: Dion Graham

Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Date: August 2010

Duration: 9 hours 24 minutes


Dmytryk Knight was a respectable man who had followed the blueprints for the American Dream: go to college, find the girl of your dreams, get married, buy a house on the affluent side of Detroit. He'd done it all by the book. But when a crippling recession annihilates the auto industry, Dmytryk and his wife, Cora, suddenly find themselves without jobs and in foreclosure. And after two years of taking any job they can find and trying to live honestly, they realize that integrity just doesn't pay the bills. Given the right circumstances, even the best of us can turn bad. When a powerful and ruthless criminal named Eddie Coyle arrives from Rome and gives Dmytryk an opportunity to make fast money, Cora urges him to man up. All he has to do is join Eddie Coyle's crew and rob some banks: two minutes, in and out, nobody gets hurt. Torn between desperation and his values, but unable to resist the promise of instant cash, Dmytryk gives in - but no sooner does he enter a life of crime than Cora vanishes. Now, more determined than ever to get his life back on track, Dmytryk is only one bank job away from having enough money to leave Eddie Coyle and find Cora. But when the job goes dangerously wrong, Dmytryk is forced to test his moral compass in ways he never imagined and realizes that we can plan all we want, but sometimes fate has a different agenda....


  • gregredi

    This book is different because it's written from the criminal's point of view. The downside of that is that there are no likable characters.

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Tempted by Trouble

by Eric Jerome Dickey

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Tempted by Trouble, Eric Jerome Dickey