Terratoo, The Journey Begins

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Joe Harold Koger

Narrated By: A Full Cast, Joe Harold Koger

Publisher: CRS

Date: August 2011

Duration: 4 hours 40 minutes


Terratoo is an audio drama novel with full cast and sound effects that tells the story of man's first attempt to reach the stars and colonize another planet. Seventy two colonists are aboard the starship on a journey that will take over seven thousand years. Along the way, the ship encounters an alien entity (Joriah) who bestows life on the ship's computer (Beth) and directs her to the new planet, Terratoo, on which the colonists land. The story moves ahead 900 years. The planet has been colonized and man has grown to number over 1,000,000 now living in ten warring city-states. Jason, the ship's captain, is reawakened at this time, and given the task of bringing peace to the war torn world. If he fails, Joriah will destroy mankind on Terratoo. Jason is directed to Alyanna, a daughter of the ruler of one of the cities. Together, aided by Beth and Joriah, they embark on the seemingly impossible task of bringing peace to Terratoo, and in the process, find the love each has been seeking. Many die in the quest, but Alyanna's belief in Joriah gives her powers to aid in the battles they face.

Although a futuristic novel, Terratoo strives to bring to the reader the complexities of man and his warring nature. Since the beginning of society, man has fought against each other, the driving forces being greed, pride and lust. But man has an inherent loving nature that has the ability to overcome his dark side.


Terratoo, The Journey Begins

by Joe Harold Koger

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Terratoo, The Journey Begins, Joe Harold Koger