The Everyday Feminist: The Key to Sustainable Social Impact Driving Movements We Need Now More than Ever

Written by:
Latanya Mapp Frett
VIP Reward

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
6 hours 39 minutes
An invigorating exploration of impactful feminist movements and strategies for replicating their success

In The Everyday Feminist: The Key to Sustainable Social Impact-Driving Movements We Need Now More than Ever, accomplished feminist activist and executive Latanya Mapp Frett delivers a powerful and practical exploration of the factors that make a feminist social movement impactful in its place and time. In the book, you'll discover popular and not-so-popular social movements and the leaders, art, research, and narratives that drove them.

The author explains what made these social movements so effective and explains the steps that organizations, nonprofits, and social impact professionals can take to replicate that success on the ground and in the present.

The audiobook also includes:
Discussions of the importance of feminist funds in bankrolling critical feminist movements
Explanations of the roles played by men and boys in building a feminist future
Actionable and straightforward advice applicable to everyone trying to make a difference for women around the world
An essential text for feminist advocates who find themselves in an increasingly challenging political and social environment, The Everyday Feminist is the practical blueprint to social change that lawmakers, activists, entrepreneurs, and non-profit professionals have been waiting for.
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