The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Lori Brant

Narrated By: Lori Brant

Publisher: Authors Republic

Date: January 2017

Duration: 5 hours 37 minutes


It's easy to be happy when things are going your way, but can you be happy when you are in the middle of a crisis? Absolutely. The Happiness Toolbox shows you how.

In the midst of a chronic illness and failed marriage, Lori Brant reached out for resources to help her move forward and found them lacking. She was doing what all the Positive Psychology and spiritual books told her to do, to think positively, meditate, eat right, repeat affirmations but inevitably, something beyond her control woud happen and send her spiraling backward into chaos and depression It felt like she was making changes on op of quicksand. There was something missing.

Illness is not the cause of stress and unhappiness, but the story we tell about it, is. Disease, pain, and limitation are the same as a bad relationship, money issues, frustration, aging, and whatever else results in a negate response. They are all tools. They are not good, or bad they are just tools that the Universe uses to bring you back home. You are having an experience. How you respond to the experience is entirely up to you. Unconscious or conscious. Loving it or hating it, neutral or in awe of it.There is no right or wrong way to respond, but if you are going to have the experience, would it not be more fun to love it?

As a Teacher and Life Coach, Lori Brant delivers a practical, step by step approach to breaking down vague concepts into practical applications and tools that the reader can use during times of chaos to sustain a state of happiness regardless of outside circumstances.


The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances

by Lori Brant

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The Happiness Toolbox: Finding happiness regardless of circumstances, Lori Brant