The Power of Positive Confrontation: The Skills You Need to Know to Handle Conflicts at Work, at Home and in Life

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Gildan Media

Date: June 2009

Duration: 8 hours 13 minutes


When slighted, misunderstood, cut-in-front-of, annoyed, taken advantage of, or treated rudely, most people avoid their bosses, ignore co-workers, change hairdressers, complain to friends, shout and pound their fists. They often miss the most positive, effective alternative of all: confronting positively. Now, for everyone who was never taught, or never realized, that between "bully" and "wimp" is a range of behavior that is positive, dignified, and effective for dealing with life's bothersome situations, there is The Power of Positive Confrontation. This practical, step-by-step guide will not only improve your ability to confront others, but will also help you to live a more conflict-free life. Filled with hundreds of real-life examples drawn from communications expert Barbara Pachter's twelve years of teaching assertiveness and business etiquette to more than 150,000 people at all organizational levels, The Power of Positive Confrontation will show you how to: • assess your usual confrontational style • identify the main reasons why you many not be confronting • understand the consequences of not confronting or confronting negatively • learn how to evaluate another person's behavior in a conflict situation • master the three essential steps of polite and powerful behavior • recognize vital verbal and non-verbal factors that can help ensure a positive confrontation • handle difficult conversations, no matter what the circumstances.