The Shipwrecked  Souls: A Pirate Adventure

The Shipwrecked Souls: A Pirate Adventure

Narrated by:
David Fiddler
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
2 hours 32 minutes
A tale of two unlikely lovers; an incredible pirate adventure all set in rhyme with music plus 12 songs. A story of unfathomable passion, murder, deception, even hidden treasure and delight. Rozene, the beautiful but secretive red headed heroine who dedicates her life to helping the needy, only to be drawn into a feud between a foolhardy English Royal Navy sea captain named Peck, and a ruthless pirate known as Jacinto. Both men are willing to kill anyone in their way in order to possess her. Alexander, the aristocratic gentlemen seeking purpose and redemption and unexpectedly finding love at first sight and drawn into this dangerous love triangle. A colorful cast of characters including some that actually roamed the seas over 300 years ago such as Captain Kidd, Scottish privateer turned pirate, and Edward Teach, an Englishman known as Blackbeard the pirate and feared by many.
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