The Strong Amongst Us: Bk 1 The Olason Chronicles

Written by:
J. A. Boulet
Narrated by:
J. A. Boulet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2021
10 hours 10 minutes
An epic 1875 immigration saga. A love story. An epidemic.

Would you survive?

On a fateful day in October 1875, Nathan Olason steps foot onto the soil of a new foreign country called Canada. With natural sand beaches and breathtaking sunsets, it has been nicknamed paradise. Except it proves to be anything but.

With storm surges, emerging governments, racism and dwindling food supplies, Nathan and his family struggle to stay alive in this foreign wilderness. With the help of a beautiful Cree woman, they learn to fish and hunt, surviving against all odds.

Then just when they think they have prevailed, tragedy strikes an ominous blow, a smallpox epidemic that decimates villages, quarantines the town of Gimli, but most of all threatens to claim what he holds dear the most.

Would you survive?

Amazing audiobook filled with emotion and gripping events from the first chapter. Follow Nath and his family on a heroic journey of immigration, manhood, immense love, resilience and perseverance beyond anything we know. Will you survive?
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