The Theft of India : The European Conquests of India, 1498-1765

Written by:
Roy Moxham
Narrated by:
Elvis Mathias

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2018
7 hours 26 minutes
In the three centuries that followed Vasco da Gama's discovery of the sea route from Europe to India, European powers made a beeline for India's fabled riches, its spices, gold and gems. Though they ostensibly came for trade and commerce, and the thrill of discovering a new land, the lines between exploration and exploitation soon blurred. The Theft of India documents the intense rivalry for spoils that played out between the British, the French, the Dutch and the Portuguese, and the impact this had on the Indians. Roy Moxham's work, though, is no dry study of textual materials. He supplements these accounts with an exhaustive study of academic works on the subject. The result is an unflattering picture of the 'civilized' West as it systematically strips India of its riches. The Theft of India is a nuanced, important and highly readable addition to the study of imperialism and its dehumanizing effects on the colonized.
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The story consists of too many historical dates and places and jumps back and forth. Although the historical events are interesting, it's difficult to follow.

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Patrick M.

This book was not what I expected it to be. Overall it was fine. Just not for me.

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Riley W.

Elvis Mathias has the voice and cadence of an academically inclined angel. His speech is so soothing it that one could nearly miss the horrendous nature of the acts and events he describes. He could soothe me to sleep and give me terrible nightmares at the same time. Great listen, interesting book, 10/10, will recommend to friends and listen again in the future.

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Victor M.

I'm a historian by training and education. This book is a good chronology, but the story is drab. The narration makes it somewhat worse and the tone and clip makes it a recitation over a historical account.

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Patricia J.

Difficult to hear. Seems to jump from one horrific act to another. Burn these people's eyes out etc.

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