Then We Came to the End

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Joshua Ferris

Narrated By: Deanna Hurst

Publisher: Hachette Book Group USA

Date: March 2007

Duration: 4 hours 31 minutes


No one knows us quite the same way as the men and women who sit beside us in department meetings and crowd the office refrigerator with their labeled yogurts. Every office is a family of sorts, and the Chicago ad agency Joshua Ferris brilliantly depicts in his debut novel is family at its strangest and best. The characters in THEN WE CAME TO THE END cope with a business downturn in the time-honored way: through gossip, secret romance, elaborate pranks, and increasingly frequent coffee breaks. As one colleague after another is seen 'walking Spanish down the hall' 'office shorthand for being fired ' the survivors obsessively parse their bosses' decisions, when they're not competing for the best office furniture left behind or trying to make sense of the mysterious pro-bono ad campaign that is their only remaining 'work.' Joshua Ferris has a demon's eye for the details and emotions that make up our lives, and he has written a hilarious and moving novel about the strange selves we become when we walk through the office doors each day.


  • Julie R.

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Did not care for this book at all. Two many characters and you cannot get emotionally invested in them. They talk about this one character and then it fast forwards and she has died. They all meet at a bar and reminisce about working together and it ends strangely and awkwardly, doesn’t tie up loose ends. Too hard to follow, it was not enjoyable at ALL.