Theories of the Universe

Abridged Audiobook

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: November 2009

Duration: 2 hours 51 minutes


Along with eminent colleagues, Hawking extends theoretical frontiers by speculating on the big questions of modern cosmology.

“Conceptual Revolution” by Paul Thagard
“Cosmic Understanding” by Milton K. Munitz
“Gravitation and Inertia” by Ignazio Ciufolini and John Archibald Wheeler
“The Nature of Space and Time” by Stephen Hawking


  • Devin

    Good for a quick and brief summary of a few concepts of physics but nothing deep or insightful for those already experienced in the world of physics.

  • BrendanV

    I think this is a great supplemental read to Hawking's first two books. I have read his other two books multiple times and thought that this collection of essays deepened my overall understanding of the subject matter. As Hawking's audio books go, I prefer Simon Prebble over this reader.

  • Anonymous

    I got this book because if was written by Steve Hawkings but I was wrong. There are several others and the material too boring to listen to.

  • Anonymous

    Although it was well written, and very interesting, parts were a little over my head.

  • Anonymous

    As a guide to your average person I think this book fails to reach its audience. The book seems to fluctuate between levels of narrative. Sometimes being at the level of a scientist, where I got bogged down in a lot of terminology, and sometimes at the level of a 5th grade history teacher, reciting events and dates without much insight. I found a lot of the same information covered in a much better way in Bill Bryson's "Short History of Nearly Everything"

Theories of the Universe

by Various Authors , Stephen Hawking

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Theories of the Universe, Various Authors , Stephen Hawking