There's Nothing in This Book That I Meant to Say

Abridged Audiobook

Written By: Paula Poundstone

Narrated By: Paula Poundstone

Publisher: HighBridge Company

Date: November 2006

Duration: 6 hours 1 minutes


Comedienne Poundstone takes listeners on a hilarious tour through her absurdist brand of life's truths and consequences in this autobiography that is part memoir, part monologue, told with a pinch of self-deprecation and a dash of startling honesty.

(p) 1999 HighBridge Company



    I was a fan of Paula Poundstone's stand-up humor and hoped this book would be more of the same. Sadly, it was far below expectations and very light on the humor. She chose to juxtapose semi-biographical anecdotes of famous historical figures (including Joan of Arc and Abraham Lincoln) with her own biographical anecdotes and attempts at humor. This vehicle was both confusing and distracting. Honestly, I couldn't get past the 2nd CD and had to stop the pain. She talks about her brushes with the law and her court cases as well as her alcoholism. These were dominant themes in the early part of the listen. You've been warned...

  • Anonymous

    I have generally liked Paula Poundstone as a stand up comic, however this audiobook is simply brilliant. I have been a public school teacher and currently provide life coaching/counseling services. I am amazed with how she has navigated life through such painful experiences and has somehow made the heart-wrenching task of figuring it out nothing short of hilarious. The fact that she chose to adopt what might be termed "throw-away" children and is exposing them to realistic problem-solving WITH levity is nothing but heroic. If her kids are paying attention at all, this book reveals how she is teaching them to discover yourself and manage the layers of life while keeping the truth of who you are. How she converts all this to eye-watering comedy ... it must be a gift!

  • Sillee in SD

    Wow, even with the poor reviews, I was compelled to listen to this book as I have always enjoyed her comedic personality. However, like the other reviews, I found this book to be utterly BORING! I, like the others, hoped for something more after the first and even second CD but her narration was as flat as her humor. Her thoughts were all over the place and she kept throwing in historical figures, which really didn't fit with her storytelling. I finally gave up after the second CD. I would not recommend this to anyone.

  • Cheryl Sattler

    I like Paula Poundstone, but if this were the first time I had heard her - I might not. She does this very odd gambit, comparing herself to various historical figures (Lincoln, the Wright brothers) that isn't quite successful. And her focus on her alcoholism rehab actually makes the book sadder than it is funny.

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of time. I kept listening to see when it would get funny, or when she would say anything of interest. I did listen to the entire book and I will say that she never did. Paula had an interesting experience with her children, but really had a messed up life.

  • Anonymous

    I like Paula Poundstone and the first disc is great. The second disc is funny. The third disc is just more of the same. I popped in the fourth but only for a few seconds. She should have stopped at three.

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by Paula Poundstone

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