They Do It With Mirrors

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2010
2 hours 15 minutes
The pleasant village of Market Kindle in the south of England is home to Stoneygates, a school for delinquent boys housed in a Victorian mansion belonging to the rich and elderly Carrie Louise Serrocold and her husband Lewis. When Miss Marple pays her old friend Carrie Louise a visit, she immediately senses that something is wrong at the school. Two gunshots, heard from behind the locked study door, seem to confirm her suspicions. Whilst Lewis Serrocold escapes this attempt on his life, however, the visiting Mr Gulbrandsen has met a grisly fate elsewhere in the house. What did Mr Gulbrandsen know to make him a target for murder? Who has been trying to poison Carrie Louise with arsenic? And what role in all this has Serrocold's deeply disturbed, self-styled assistant, Edgar Lawson? Miss Marple's infallible detective insticts succeed in raising these and other significant questions - and all she requires now are the answers... This full-cast dramatisation of Agatha Christie's ingenious mystery stars June Whitfield, with Keith Barron and Jill Balcon.
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