This Machine Kills Secrets: How Wikileakers, Cypherpunks, and Hacktivists Aim to Free the World's Information

Unabridged Audiobook

Written By: Andy Greenberg

Narrated By: Mike Chamberlain

Publisher: Tantor Media

Date: September 2012

Duration: 12 hours 50 minutes


Forbes journalist Andy Greenberg presents the first full account of the cypherpunks who aim to free the world's institutional secrets.


  • Ian M

    This is a very interesting book about the history of data breaches. It has a lot to say about Wikileaks and the cypherpunks. Greenberg documents the lives of the biggest names in data breaches, like Assange and Ellsberg, but also that of less well known figures. Greenberg is detailed, constructs a believable narrative on those details, and weaves them together to form a big picture concerning the history and state of data breaches. It seems pretty clear that Mr. Greenberg maintains and editorial policy greatly in favor of leakers. No doubt this attitude helped him get close to the people who he writes about in this book, but his writing comes off as a little biased. Still, because the biased is fairly apparent, one can consciously account for it. Since computers are becoming more important every day in our day to day lives and in the functionality of states and large non-state entities it's important to be aware of the nature of the deliberate data breach movement as well as some of the benefits and hazards associated with deliberate data breaches.