Three Hours

Written by:
Dannika Dark
Narrated by:
Nicole Poole

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2015
11 hours 36 minutes
Naya James is a confident woman who also happens to be an exotic dancer. She doesn't care if people judge her, just so long as they don't disrespect her. Life has been good, but when two dancers from her club are kidnapped, Naya risks everything to uncover the truth.

Wheeler is the black sheep of the family, which is evident from his extensive tattoo collection and his dark personality. He's nothing like his twin brother, Ben, who can do no wrong. Wheeler's pack loyalty is put to the test when Austin, his Packmaster and brother, orders him to act as a bodyguard for a woman he's despised for years-one who presses his buttons every chance she gets.
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Beth H.

Of all the books in this series this one is my favorite. They are all really good and the build up to this book. from the previous books was worth it. The way these two push each others buttons and how they are together is EXCITING from beginning to end.

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Rebecca H.

I loved this one. So much passion. I love this narrator. Her range. I seriously sat and just listened to her voice and not the words to see if I could tell it was a girl doing a man's voice and I couldn't find it. I agree with the pervious comment about Mazy's voice tho. Doesn't really match. On the topic of matching- these covers.... to me they don't really match the description of the characters. And they DEFINITELY don't match the voice gives them

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Kelly D.

I love the way this series follows the pack members. The narrators has a wonderful way of changing her voice for each of character’s personalities

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Tonya D.

Wasnt as good as the others in my opinion. Mazy is now 11 and narrator spoke her voice like a toddler. Overall still a good book.

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Christy S.

I really love this one, probably one of my favorites. The story has me laughing out loud many times, causing my coworkers to think I was crazy. Some of the story was heartbreaking at points, but the descriptions and story in general was wonderful.

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Virginia S.

This series is fantastic. Each book has a unique twist. I love Denver and I wish this book could have gone on.

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Entertaining, contains a lot of cliches though, “no lessons to learn”. Narrator is fabulous.

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Momma Bear

This has been an amazing series

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Thalia G.

Great storyline and the narrator did a fantastic job portraying all the voices in personalities. Very consistent

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I loved it. I couldn’t stop listening and The author’s writing has matured. I love all her books

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Barbie B.

loved the story only thing I didn't like was the child baby talk even though she was eleven

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My favorite book so far of the series. Although everyone still has hooded eyes.

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Oceanna H

This is a great series every book is well written and spellbinding!

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Georgeanna D

Absolutely love this series of books! Amazing.

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Shannan Starling

another great read from dannika dark,,,,,i really like how she developed the relationship this time.

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Marshelia Rogers

I love reading Dannika Darks books. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book. Her books make characters that are complex and believable. A totally good read.

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Michelle P.

Great series, good characters and plot.

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