Through a Dog's Eyes

Written by:
Jennifer Arnold
Narrated by:
Jennifer Arnold

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2010
7 hours 14 minutes
A stirring, inspiring book with the power to change the way we understand and communicate with our dogs.
Few people are more qualified to speak about the abilities and potential of dogs than Jennifer Arnold, who for the past twenty years has trained service dogs for people with physical disabilities and special needs. Arnold has developed a unique understanding of dogs' capabilities, intelligence, sensitivity, and extra-sensory skills. Her training method is based on teaching dogs to make choices—as opposed to following commands—through kindness and encouragement rather than fear and submission, and her results are extraordinary. To Arnold, dogs are neither wolves in need of a pack leader nor babies in need of coddling; rather, they are extremely trusting beings attuned to their owners' needs and they aim to please. Relationships between dogs and humans go awry when we fail to understand our dogs and when we send them confusing, mixed signals. Arnold's firsthand experience—from what moved her to start her exemplary nonprofit and how she developed her methodology—guides this book and gives it a powerful emotional heft. Stories drawn from Arnold's life and the lives of the dogs who were her greatest teachers are convincing, unforgettable, and compelling testimony and make this book a heart-warming, captivating read that will forever change the way you see your dog by showing you the way your dog sees the world.
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Berva Lorraine Hume

I loved this book. The authour's respect and love for dogs shines through the narration. It is inspirational and I am glad that these dogs are well treated in training for the amazing work that they do.

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Evan Doggett

The narrator sounds like she is going to jump off the bridge at any moment... depressing

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This book was good, and it made me love my dog more, and respect him more. It showed how dogs view the world and how owners can re-train themselves to behave in ways a dog can understand. Parts of the book were heartwrenching, and I quickly decided only to listen to it on my way HOME from work so my makeup wouldn't smear! The female narrator's voice was incredibly annoying to me - sometimes I couldn't take it anymore. But I was getting good stories and information so I stuck with it.

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I expected this to be a general confirmation of dogs' overall wonderfulness, but it is MUCH more! I've raised 6 dogs from pups and thought I was pretty well aware of a dog's world (at least of mine), but I was amazed at the in-depth research and detailed information on how dogs perceive the world and what motivates them. An excellent book for the veteran or novice dog "owner", and one that should be required reading for those thinking about obtaining a dog. Excellent!

Through a Dog's Eyes
This title is due for release on August 10, 2010.

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Through a Dog's Eyes
This title is due for release on August 10, 2010
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Through a Dog's Eyes
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Through a Dog's Eyes

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