Tides of Crime: A Detective Kristi Konnors Story

Tides of Crime: A Detective Kristi Konnors Story

Written by:
J. Luke Bennecke
Narrated by:
J. Luke Bennecke
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
1 hour 1 minute
Discover the dark and compelling world of 'Tides of Crime,' where Detective Kristi Konnors navigates through a labyrinth of crime, conspiracy, and personal demons.

Haunted by night terrors of her son’s drowning and driven by the unresolved murder of a young girl, Detective Kristi Konnors finds herself entangled in a sinister web of organized crime and deep-rooted betrayal. As she digs deeper into a series of fatal incidents linked to a powerful criminal organization, every clue leads to greater danger, pulling her closer to the brink of a catastrophic injustice.

'Tides of Crime' is a riveting detective story that masterfully blends Kristi Konnors’ backstory with an intricate conspiracy mystery, creating a narrative filled with intrigue and shadows. The city’s underbelly is a treacherous tide of crimes, where justice is shrouded in darkness and loyalties are tested at every corner. In her relentless pursuit of the truth, Kristi must confront her own inner demons and the specter of betrayal that threatens to undermine everything she stands for.

Will Kristi untangle the threads of this malevolent plot before it engulfs her, or will the shadows claim her as their own? Join her in this betrayal suspense novel that challenges the very essence of loyalty and courage. J. Luke Bennecke’s suspenseful writing style propels you through a narrative saturated with tension, where every page promises heart-pounding action and psychological depth.

Get ready for a gripping ride into the heart of darkness with 'Tides of Crime' – where the stakes are as personal as they are deadly. This crime thriller detective story not only tests the boundaries of justice but also delves into the complex dynamics of loss and redemption.

Embark on this thrilling journey with Detective Kristi Konnors and unravel the secrets that lurk behind the tides of crime.
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