The Timeline of Intelligent Life on Earth

Written by:
Martin K. Ettington
Narrated by:
Martin K. Ettington

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
5 hours 14 minutes
I’m fascinated with Ancient History because there are continuous new discoveries which push back the dawn of civilization by thousands of years. In the last couple of decades, the discoveries at Gobekli Tepe in eastern Turkey pushed back man-made structures to the time period of 9,000-11,000 B.C. Thousands of years before the next know civilizations existed.
This book includes my research on ancient sites around the world, underground structures, giants, the destruction of civilization about 10,500 B.C., the real Atlantis, and out of place objects which can be millions of years old.
With this collection of a wide variety of information I decided that what is needed is a full timeline of intelligent life on Earth from millions of years ago to the present. There are a lot of gaps in this information but enough records, findings, and discoveries exist to propose an initial timeline of intelligent life on Earth going back hundreds of millions of years.
Yes-I’m saying intelligent life has existed on Earth that long, and since humanity and even primates don’t exist in those times at all, aliens must have lived on the Earth at that time.

There are three parts to this book:
Part One - Millions of Years Ago
This includes stories of aliens existing on Earth in our history, and many out of place objects made by intelligent beings, and the fossil record which provides supporting evidence that intelligent life did exist at those times.
Part Two - The Unknown Civilizations of Man
Here we have evidence of structures built by man but way before any accepted records that civilization or man made constructions existed. Some of these things may go back 100,000 years ago.
Part Three – Post Ice Age Civilizations
This part includes evidence that the Younger Dryas event was actually comets striking the Earth which caused major disasters and probably the destruction of civilizations about 10,500 B.C.
My intention is that this timeline will provide a skeleton to be filled in.
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