Tipping Point: The End is Here

Tipping Point: The End is Here

Written by:
Jimmy Evans
Narrated by:
Jimmy Evans
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
4 hours 55 minutes
We are living in tumultuous times. From corrupt world politics to global pandemics to an unprecedented rebellion against God and His word, humanity has reached a critical stage.

In this eye-opening book, Jimmy Evans examines biblical prophecies about the end times and points to their unmistakable parallels with today's world. With a clear, insightful analysis of Scripture, he answers many common questions, such as:

Are we living in the end times?

How should Believers respond to increasing immorality?

Will Christians go through the Tribulation? 

What role does Israel play in God's prophetic plan?

Are COVID-19 and other world events announcing the imminent return of Jesus?

Ultimately, Tipping Point will help you understand current events with confidence. There is no going back, but hope and peace are possible as God's plan unfolds, and we approach the end of the age.

©2020 Jimmy Evans (P)2020 XO Publishing
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Rocky G.

I love the message this book offers.

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Lindsay F.

I love Jimmy Evans and how he explains things so well. He stands for biblical Truth and doesn’t water down his message to appease the world. I have learned so much from him and this book.

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It is difficult to rate a book higher than the narration when the author is narrating. Jimmy knows his material and presents it well in the book. The narration, however, is too fast. It is nearly impossible to know when a subtitle is read, as it runs right through as a partial sentence between paragraphs.

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