To Conquer the Air: The Wright Brothers and the Great Race for Flight

Written by:
James Tobin
Narrated by:
Boyd Gaines

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2003
6 hours 0 minutes
James Tobin, award-winning author of Ernie Pyle's War and The Man He Became, has penned the definitive account of the inspiring and impassioned race between the Wright brothers and their primary rival Samuel Langley across ten years and two continents to conquer the air.

For years, Wilbur Wright and his younger brother, Orville, experimented in obscurity, supported only by their exceptional family. Meanwhile, the world watched as Samuel Langley, armed with a contract from the US War Department and all the resources of the Smithsonian Institution, sought to create the first manned flying machine. But while Langley saw flight as a problem of power, the Wrights saw a problem of balance. Thus their machines took two very different paths—Langley’s toward oblivion, the Wrights’ toward the heavens—though not before facing countless other obstacles. With a historian’s accuracy and a novelist’s eye, Tobin has captured an extraordinary moment in history. To Conquer the Air is itself a heroic achievement.
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Kate Wasem

Best book on the Wright Bros---and their competitors---I've yet heard. Includes amazing quotes, history, personal stories, and engineering. I highly recommend this book!

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