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TO DO LIST: A Helpful Formula That Guides Us to Get Things Done Efficiently

TO DO LIST: A Helpful Formula That Guides Us to Get Things Done Efficiently

Written by:
Dylan J. Parker
Narrated by:
Peter Seymour , Douglas Wilkin
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 23 minutes
Do you feel frustrated because you can't seem to finish every item on your daily to-do lists? Do you feel discouraged because you're not effectively managing your workload and responsibilities at your office and home?

If so, it's not your fault.

Millions of people are using to-do lists that set them up for failure. No matter how hard they work, they're left with a laundry list of unfinished tasks at the end of each day.

In To-Do List Formula, you'll discover:

- Barriers to Productivity
- Time Management and Productivity
- Time Management, Happiness, and Increased Productivity
- Time Management, Attention Span, and Productivity
- Time Management, Distractions, and Productivity
- Productivity and Success
- Habits of Successful Time Managers
- Time Management Personality Types
- Successful People and How They Manage Time
- Task Prioritization and Scheduling
- Scheduling and its Importance
- The Basics of Scheduling
- Task Scheduling Tools
- Techniques That Improve Time Management
- Spilling the Beans with 25+ Time Management Tips and Hacks
- 30 Days Productivity Challenge
- and Much, Much More!
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