To You We Shall Return: Lessons about Our Planet from the Lakota

Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks

Date: September 2010

Duration: 4 hours 55 minutes


Part memoir, part cultural manifesto, To You We Shall Return offers a comparison between Euro-American attitudes, policies, and history regarding the natural environment to that of ancient native North American beliefs and practices in relating to and living with that same environment. Speaking from the cultural viewpoint of the Lakota of the northern Plains, the author discusses the evolution of native cultures to fit within the environment and adapt to it, as opposed to changing it drastically or wholesale to fit human needs and comforts. He suggests that changing our contemporary thinking in relating to the earth in a less harmful way does not mean a drastic change in lifestyles, but that revisiting the methods of adaptation to and coexistence with the earth will foster a renewed respect which will ultimately benefit mankind as well.

Praise for Joseph M. Marshall III's The Lakota Way: "He certainly knows how to weave a story. An inspiring guide for a wide audience."—Library Journal