Together: A Novel of Shared Vision

Written by:
Betty White , Tom Sullivan
Narrated by:
Betty White , Tom Sullivan

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2019
5 hours 38 minutes
One misstep on a mountain climbing trip plunged Brenden into darkness by stealing his sight—and everything else he held dear. But an independent guide dog named Nelson might just bring him back to life . . . if they don't kick him out of guide dog school first.

Twenty-two-year-old Brenden McCarthy feels like he’s lost everything. His fiancée. His independence. And his passion for life. All due to one mountain-climbing misstep that cost him his vision.

But he’s about to gain the last thing he ever expected: a big-hearted black Labrador named Nelson who’s given one last shot at being a Seeing Eye dog after his last two pairings failed.

Both are beyond hope and resigned to live alone. And both are about to experience a bond of friendship that develops when they least expect it.

Together is a heartwarming story for anyone who’s ever lost sight of what matters most in life . . . but has hope that there’s more.

- Full-length inspirational novel
- Written with beloved actress and animal advocate Betty White
- Perfect for pet lovers who enjoy stories of hope, optimism, and trust
- Continue Brenden’s story in the sequel: Alive Day
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