Tokoyo: The Tomb of the Sea Serpent

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
0 hours 6 minutes
The story of Tokoyo is one of Japan's lesser known legends, yet Tokoyo is widely recognised for her bravery and strength. Tokoyo grew up in a small fishing village as the daughter of a samurai. When her father is banished to the Oki Islands by his warlord, Tokoyo is left behind all alone. Through the strength of her love for her father, Tokoyo gives up everything she owns and travels far and wide to reach him. Yet one obstacle remains before father and daughter can be reunited: the fearsome Yofune Nushi - a sea serpent that terrorises the waters surrounding the Oki Islands. It is up to Tokoyo to take on this terrible beast and save the islanders from its monstrous ways.

© 2016 by Catherine Khoo. Published in paper format in Singapore by Epigram Books, recorded by Storyside 2020.
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