Tom Clancy Target Acquired

Written by:
Don Bentley
Narrated by:
Scott Brick

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
10 hours 51 minutes
Jack Ryan, Jr., will do anything for a friend, but this favor will be paid for in blood in the latest electric entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling series.

Jack Ryan, Jr. would do anything for Ding Chavez. That's why Jack is currently sitting in an open-air market in Israel, helping a CIA team with a simple job. The man running the mission, Peter Beltz, is an old friend from Ding's Army days. Ding hadn't seen his friend since Peter's transfer to the CIA eighteen months prior, and intended to use the assignment to reconnect. Unfortunately, Ding had to cancel at the last minute and asked Jack to take his place. It's a cushy assignment--a trip to Israel in exchange for a couple hours of easy work, but Jack could use the downtime after his last operation.

Jack is here merely as an observer, but when he hastens to help a woman and her young son, he finds himself the target of trained killers. Alone and outgunned, Jack will have to use all his skills to protect the life of the child.
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Nancy W.

Great book!

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John Rav

Jack, Jr does it again! I did miss not having the regular Campus Crew in this story, but Jack holds his own in this crazy intense adventure. Scott Brick is awesome as always!

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Very good listen

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Leonard H.

I have always enjoyed the series but I found this one a bit tiresome. I know that it is necessary to “suspend disbelief” but the author makes it hard here. For one thing, Jack Ryan Jr., son of the president of the USA, moves through the world unrecognized, manages to get involved with the Israeli police and Security Service and NOBODY can figure out who he is. “Don’t touch anything. They are trying to get your DNA?” Doesn’t anyone have facial recognition software? C’mon. It’s like reading the script for a blockbuster special effects movie like Die Hard. This thought kept intruding. “Author jumps the shark”.

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Mark H.

I really don’t know why I am going back to read the latest instalment of Jack Ryan Junior. They are becoming carbon copies of each other where Jack starts off with a fairly innocuous mission and ends up in a scarcely believable situation. This seems to happen over and over with this latest instalment being quite possibly the most unbelievable yet. Don’t get me wrong, it is a reasonable technothriller but I think where this series does the best is where the full array of developed characters are utilised. The last few books have not done this and have been the Porra for it. Upsides are the great descriptions of latest technology and its utilisation in the military the tactics employed. Downsides are that it barely is believable. I am not sure I am going to return to the series but I am sure this book will delight many.

Tom Clancy Target Acquired
This title is due for release on June 8, 2021.

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Tom Clancy Target Acquired
This title is due for release on June 8, 2021
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Tom Clancy Target Acquired
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Tom Clancy Target Acquired

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