TOPGUN: Complete

TOPGUN: Complete

Written by:
Michael Anderle
Narrated by:
Eva Wilhelm
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
8 hours 0 minutes
Destiny Awaits at the Pinnacle of Battle.

Commander Mia Verick is on the precipice of her most daunting mission.

From conquering relentless assassins to confronting betrayals at the heart of her team, Mia has weathered it all.

But as the shadow of the Publius Draconis Protocol looms large, aiming to reshape the cosmos, she's thrust into an intricate maze of alliances, secrets, and labyrinthine treacheries. Rallying a diverse band of warriors, each with motives as deep as their mysteries, Mia's mettle is put to the test.

Can she forge unity from disparity and lead the charge against impending doom?

With the cosmic hourglass draining and the universe's destiny teetering, Mia embodies the essence of leadership, determination, and valor. One truth remains-Commander Mia Verick won't bow to the darkness.

Dive deep into a universe where every choice ripples through eternity. Witness the grand finale, a testament to resilience, loyalty, and the indomitable spirit of a leader. Secure your front-row seat to the galaxy's most defining moment.
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