Written by:
Michael Anderle
Narrated by:
Eva Wilhelm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
8 hours 31 minutes
Do the crime, do the time? That's how it is supposed to work.

Mia is headed to Ice, the premiere military prison world in the KCP. She's going to find out firsthand that there's something rotten on this cold rock.

Her stint on the frostbitten crag is only supposed to last a few weeks, but she soon discovers there are those determined to make it a more . . . permanent arrangement. She was ready for everything from brutal guards to vicious inmates, but there's something more going on beneath the surface.

Mia fears that the nefarious forces in the KCP she suspects killed her father are pulling the strings. She's got to be careful because the players behind the conspiracies aren't going to give her a second chance if she gets caught in their trap.

Can she survive long enough to put the pieces together? Or will making it through each night to see another bleak day take priority?

Mia needs to find some unlikely allies if she's going to overcome the elements and forces arrayed against her. Luckily, even on Ice there's a chance to make alliances if you're not the type to judge manmade monsters by their appearances.

Can the most ferocious pilot this side of the 10k Universe unfreeze her wings?
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