TOPGUN: Mastered

TOPGUN: Mastered

Written by:
Michael Anderle
Narrated by:
Eva Wilhelm
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2024
8 hours 0 minutes
The line between friend and foe blurs as the conspiracy deepens.

Mia Verick has stared down death across the galaxies, but she's about to face a threat unlike any other: betrayal from within her own ranks. The mastermind of a universe-shattering terrorist attack is closer than she thinks-someone on her crew, someone they've trusted.

This isn't just another act of terror; it's the fuse to ignite a war capable of devouring worlds.

With the clock ticking down to cataclysm, Mia and her crew find themselves in an explosive race against time. But with trust shattered and suspicions running high, this mission is on the brink of imploding from within. Each choice is a gamble with lives hanging in the balance. A single misstep could spell doom for millions.

Can Mia navigate this treacherous path of deception and hold her crew together long enough to stop the disaster?

Will personal feelings cloud judgment when every decision could be their last? The stakes are astronomical, and in a universe where failure isn't an option, it's all or nothing.

Join Mia and her crew as they risk it all to prevent a war that could engulf the very fabric of reality.
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