TOPGUN: Phoenix

Written by:
Michael Anderle
Narrated by:
Eva Wilhelm

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 14 minutes
Mia escaped in one piece from the ice ball masquerading as a planet, but what now? To start, she's got a laundry list of questions about her father and her origins.

It's just her luck that the answers to her questions have the potential to topple regimes. She has to tread carefully or make things worse. Before she can begin her search, she needs to make it through training.

The pressure ratchets as the rivalries among the trainees become ferocious. A little bit of skullduggery can go a long way toward ending a career . . . or ending a life.

Can Mia turn her crew of seemingly hopeless misfits into a flight team capable of helping her survive the program?

Other factions are emerging with hidden agendas and insidious methods of achieving their aims. Mia's father trained her for almost anything that the galaxy can throw at her, but she's not sure the threat of total destruction was what he had in mind . . .

She needs to keep her mind sharp and her team close as she gambles on the chance she might crash and burn before she unveils the answers waiting on the other side of the secrets and lies.

Will Mia's dogged determination give her the strength she needs to rise from the flames?
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