Written by:
Orson Scott Card
Narrated by:
Stefan Rudnicki

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2009
10 hours 25 minutes
Lanik Mueller's birthright as heir to planet Treason's most powerful rulership will never be realized. He is a 'rad'—radical regenerative—a freak who can regenerate injured flesh and trade extra body parts to the Offworld oppressors for iron. On a planet without hard metals, or the means of escape, iron offers the promise of freedom through the chance to build a spacecraft. But it is a promise that may never be fulfilled, as Lanik uncovers a treacherous conspiracy beyond his imagination. Now charged with a mission of conquest—and exile—Lanik devises a bold and dangerous plan to break the vicious chain of rivalry and bloodshed that enslaves the people of Treason as the Offworld never could.

This compelling, suspenseful work of science fiction is set in a fantastical world that could only come from the brilliant imagination of Orson Scott Card.
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Charles H.

I've read/ listened to this book multiple times. I thoroughly enjoy it.

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michael mashock

This is another great Orson Scott Card novel. I loved this truly unique Science-based SciFi novel. This book will not disappoint you if you love complicated stories with mind-blowing science-based fantasy.

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completely disgusted

I only give this a 1 star because Simplyaudio requires a star rating in order to give a review. I read Enders Game and loved it. I read Speaker for the Dead and was cautiously satisfied. Then I purchased Treason, and didn't even get through the first 2 chapters. Orson Scott Card has the mind of the worst of pornographers. What does all this sex and perversion have to do with science fiction? Describing a teenage boy developing breasts and how the touching of "his" breast excited him, and on and on. Reading this trash is worse than any pornography I've had the misfortune of seeing with my own eyes. Thanks for burning those perverted images into my eternal mind, Card.

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