Trickster's Choice

Written by:
Tamora Pierce
Narrated by:
Trini Alvarado

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2003
11 hours 54 minutes
Tamora Pierce brings readers another Tortall adventure! Alianne is the teenage daughter of the famed Alanna, the first lady knight in Tortall. Young Aly follows in the quieter footsteps of her father, however, delighting in the art of spying. When she is captured and sold as a slave to an exiled royal family in the faraway Copper Islands, it is this skill that makes a difference in a world filled with political intrigue, murderous conspiracy, and warring gods. This is the first of two books featuring Alianne.
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Nicole Hawken

I absolutely love this book! I have re-read and listened to it many, many times. It's my favorite one by Tamora Pierce, and that's saying something!

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Kaily Pecoraro

I've always loved Tamora Pierce, all of the Tortall heroines hold special places in my heart. Aly though, I really connect with, even now in my mid twenties I find myself to read and re-read her books.

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