Tropical Hazard: Oh Sh*t! Cobalins Can't Swim!

Written by:
Dustin Tigner
Narrated by:
Qarie Marshall

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
15 hours 10 minutes
In a village of lazy, good-for-nothing Cobalins, one manly man—a true studly stud—stands above them all: the great, the powerful, the King of… Knock.

(Desley palms her forehead. You no be King of Shadows! Now we have to start over. /Cobalins groan./)

The terrible Army of Light knows the secret location of Dedu Tedu Novus. War is here. There's absolutely no avoiding it.

Or is there?

Naturally, Dhane does the most unthinkable thing: employs an impromptu plan, his favorite type. It's dangerous, it's crazy, and it embarks them on a new adventure where it rains every day and the problems don't stop.

Can he save his village? Can he convince Challenger Sarah to help? Or is he only putting off the inevitable, the point where the Changed Reditai turn all those of Shadow into stone for their mysterious plans?

Tropical Hazard is the third installment in the hilarious—and sometimes serious—Arachnomancer series. Travel to a new zone, see the world, and eat spider tacos. /Octoralis glares./ Or… umm… don't. Don't do that last thing.

Notice: Arachnomancer was rated M for mature by a team of immature Cobalins. Read at your own risk.
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Aaron E.

It took me a little longer to finish this book than I thought,  but it was worth every second. I loved Octoralis’ need to make Dhane happy with many girls,  even if that is not what he wanted. I am really with his love interest and her mark to win him. I am also so happy there is going to be another book. When I saw how much I had left to read I was hoping there was not a quick rap up. Now I just have to wait for more story.

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I love Araachnomancer however I did feel that this book was a bit sexist, which is a shame because I really love this series. I think if we just removed this aspect of it, it would honestly be perfect in my eyes Mr Tigner usually does a excellent job, I am not sure what was going through his mind, maybe he was trying to be humorous? Which there is humor, and there is just being sexist, which I think that line was trend on very closely. I hope the next book changes this aspect, and I do look forward to the next one.

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