The Trouble with Robots

Written by:
Michelle Mohrweis
Narrated by:
Merissa Czyz , Eevin Hartsough

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
7 hours 39 minutes
Eighth-graders Evelyn and Allie are in trouble.
Evelyn has a constant need for perfection that’s blown some fuses among her robotics teammates, and she’s worried nobody’s taking the upcoming competition seriously.
Allie is new to school, and she’s had a history of short-circuiting on teachers and other kids.
So when Allie is assigned to the robotics team as a last resort, all Evelyn can see is just another wrench in the works! But as Allie confronts a past stricken with grief and learns to open up, the gears click into place as she discovers that Evelyn’s
teammates have a lot to offer—if only Evelyn allowed them to participate in roles that played to their strengths.
Can Evelyn learn to let go and listen to what Allie has to say? Or will their spot in the competition go up in smoke, along with their school’s robotics program and Allie’s only chance at redemption?
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